Who: Hello, and thank you for taking a moment to visit my Don’t Postpone Joy℠ store.  My name is Jane and I call home a small New England seaside community.
While I am many things, I am proudest of being a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, and now entrepreneur.  A guiding principle in my life has been setting and believing in joyful and meaningful goals.  Graduating from the prestigious Boston College was a goal I set for my mid-fifties.  Now in my mid-sixties, my goal is to bring the phrase “Don’t Postpone Joy” into other people’s lives.  I am very excited about this new adventure and thrilled to share it with you.

Why: One day I jotted down the phrase “Don’t Postpone Joy.”  A sign was born, which now hangs in my kitchen, and these red buttons followed.  Guests in my home are drawn to the sign and enjoy having their picture taken beneath it – wearing a button of course.  Whenever I give a “Don’t Postpone Joy” button to someone, it is always received with a very big smile.  We all know the importance of joy, and sometimes all we need is a little reminder.

What happens: “When I was 12, Jane gave me a “Don’t Postpone Joy” button and it was special and “cool” because Jane gave it to me.  Sixteen years later, it sits on my desk and is cherished because it is a simple gift from a friend who has inspired me to live life joyfully and in the present.”  – Maura

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